The start of the summer has been filled with a lot of out-of-town adventures. One of the most memorable one would have to be this group hike I did with local art learning collective, From Here and Away. We started the afternoon meeting up at the Falcon Trails Resort which is a beautiful property situated east of the province. Led by Emily Christie (from Falcon Trails Resort) and Adam Kelly (From Here and Away), our group did a 2-km hike to the Juniper cabin situated by High Lake. When we arrived, we had the opportunity to discover the cabin and use all its amenities -- from swimming lakefront,  building a bonfire, canoeing to the Ontario border and using the eco-sauna. After the hike, my friends and I decided to head to Kenora, Ontario (another 45 min drive) to grab some local craft beers to cap the night. The entire experience was both engaging and relaxing and I highly recommend signing up / joining one if you're from Winnipeg. 


  1. This place is so refreshing!


  2. What a lovely place! The scenery looks so pleasing. Sounds like a great time, out-of-town adventures are the best. <3

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

  3. Wow! Those pics are amazing