Nothing much to blog about these days but in case you didn't know Canada Day was last Wednesday and I had the day off. In the past, I went to the parks or street festivals to join the Canada Day celebrations there but this year, armed with my camera, I decided to drop by the St. Norbert's Farmers Market instead for a more laid-back time.


Over the weekend, I managed to sign up for a walking tour organized by the Winnipeg Arts Council. The tour lasted for an hour and a half and it featured various public art located at the Exchange District, The Forks and downtown Winnipeg. For the most part, I've passed by these structures often, but it was really interesting to know the stories behind them: who made them and why they were created. This summer the Winnipeg Arts Council is organizing a number of similar walking and biking tours all over the city. The best thing about this? It's FREE! All you have to do is check out their schedule here and make sure to email them to book a spot!  


Hello everyone! I've been busy with work and personal things lately, so this week I'm only posting once and not featuring any new local spot or event. Instead, I was hoping to ask suggestions for an upcoming trip I'm having next month to Seattle. I'd love to know the best coffee shops, brunch spots & dinner restaurants that I shouldn't miss! Also, are there any specific specialty stores/boutiques/gift shops that are uniquely in Seattle? Any recommendation is appreciated! 
Oh and I will be back to regular blog posts next week!