Forgive the lack of decent outfit shots for this post, but I just needed to make sure I get a post up for this local cafe that I've been meaning to go to. When the local coffee scene exploded here in the city, Thom Bargen just might be the first one that really sparked my interest. I've always told myself to drop by their location along Sherbrook street but never had a chance until now. Established in 2012, this coffee shop serves your staple americano, cappuccino and mocha in a cozy environment you'd never want to leave. As a bonus, Thom Bargen also shares the same space with Wilder Dry Goods, a local brand for handmade leather goods.


As part of Burger Week here in the city, I decided to drop by the pop up restaurant organized by Table Manners to get a taste of the Bear Boy Burger. The night before, they tweeted that the venue would be in the Neon Factory downtown. The place opened at 12:30 pm and the first 75 people were served these delicious all beef patty burgers. The neon signs, the scrumptious meal and the buzzing people  made for a wonderful feast on all senses. I just personally think it was rad!

The lovely people of GOWPG also featured me with this article.
Head on over to their site to discover other cool things about the city I live in!


last weekend, i got the chance to go to the annual manyfest event. weather wasn't the best but that didn't stop me and my friends in enjoying the food truck wars. compared to last year, this year had more participants & more variety. i've tried some of them so i made it a point to taste food from those i haven't. my personal favourite? Little Bones Wingery and The Red Ember 



I can't help but stop by this lovely cafe that I only recently discovered by Provencher blvd.
Chocolatier Constance Popp offers french pastries and a good variety of artisan chocolates
It's also nice to note that the ingredients used are locally sourced! Yay for Manitoba!


for a contemporary meal out, i tried this relatively new place called Fitzroy.
the concept of their menu is how a tapas place would be: small plates meant for sharing.
unlike traditional tapas, their ingredients stray away from the spanish mediterranean influence.

dishes are more of fusion inspired, locally sourced and made only as ordered.
 -smoked goldeye, scrambled eggs, caviar, fried bread-
-cheese burger, melted onions, crackling, soft buns-
-blistered carrots, blue cheese, honey, pumpkin seed crumble-