Every year, I would try and take my younger cousins for a get together when the holidays are nearing. This time, I discovered Across the Board Cafe at the Exchange District and thought it would be the perfect spot to take them. The basic idea of this place, aside from being a full restaurant, is that you get the opportunity to play their library of almost 700 board games. Yup, that many games! My cousins and I ended up playing three games but we could have stayed their the entire day to try other ones. This place is so much fun and I definitely want to go back again.


Before I share what this whole post is all about, let me say thank you to my friend, Arianne, for taking my ootd shots for this post! If you want to see her work, please feel free to visit her blog here.

So over the weekend, I visited the Winnipeg Art Gallery to see the Salvador Dali Exhibition. I was able to partake in Flavours of Art, which is basically the gallery's dinner and art tour program. The night started with a three course meal consisting of a beet salad, rack of lamb and mini cheese balls. After dinner, we were directed to the main gallery where a tour guide was waiting for the group. Now, I'm not the biggest art person but I do know how to appreciate well made pieces. I have to say, it was not only fascinating to see the Dali paintings up close, but more so it was interesting to know the stories behind some of his great works. I started remembering some of my history lessons in high school and found myself enjoying the additional information I was learning from the event. I highly recommend visiting your local museum or art gallery. If you're from Winnipeg, there will be the last Flavours of Art event on January 23, 2015. If you're interested, head to their site for more info!


For this post, I decided to do this thing where I get to post a pic per hour of how my day went. This was taken a few Saturdays back when Michelle (of Full Belly, Worn Soles) invited me to help her out in one of her neighbourhood blogposts. She is featuring a hip Corydon guide of what to see, where to shop and where to eat & drink.

9:00am  - preparing what to wear for the long day ahead

10:00am - breakfast is Eggs Benny at Marion St. Eatery

11:00am - cloudy skies for my outfit of the day

12:00nn - at Make Coffee+Stuff, people watching.

1:00pm - picked up a mocha, while discussing battle plan for the day with Michelle

2:00pm - stopped by Normandy to visit Amanda (and Norman too)

3:00pm - finally get to see what's inside Frescolio, a specialty store for oils & vinegars

 4:00pm - last few shots for our respective blogs. productive day for both of us!

5:00pm - doing preliminary blogpost edits at Little Sister Coffee Maker

6:00pm - a shot of something festive before heading to dinner

7:00pm - red curry soup with shrimp to warm my belly

8:00pm - capturing beautiful city lights before going home

This day was really allotted for discovering Corydon as a vibrant neighbourhood in the city. I didn't want to take away from the informative and interesting post that Michelle will be doing in her blog. This is why I just decided to do a "photo per hour" type of post. Hope you enjoyed it!


Winnipeg Holiday Gift Guide
For this post, I thought I'd get a little bit more festive and present to you gift ideas for this holiday season. Since I'm really into supporting the local community here in Winnipeg, I thought I'd share with you gifts that you can buy here (either sold by local shops or made by local artisans). I also provided online store links as some of them can actually ship out their goods. Happy Shopping!


For the last installment of my Jamaica Travel Diaries, I thought I'd get a little bit personal and share with you how meaningful this trip was to me. As you may or may not know, I went to this trip with the boy to get away from the hustle of our working life. Aside from that, it's one of the things we like doing to destress, regroup and focus on just us. We've been together for a long time and in as much as he drives me crazy at times, I think he's the only person who can deal with my craziness, hahaha! I appreciate that he has let me be myself. And I'm just grateful that he's part of my life.