Remember this pop up restaurant that I went to here and here? Finally, they've set up shop! King+Bann, The Sandwich Shop has its own doors open for business! They are open Monday to Saturday from 11am to 9pm. As the name suggests, they are located in the corner of King St. and Bannatyne Ave, in the heart of the Exchange District. I was lucky enough to attend one of their soft opening runs last week and to sample their menu. They will be offering a number of sandwiches (porchetta, meatball, brisket, grilled cheese) with salads and soups to accompany them. The city has been flourishing with great burger places; it's about time the sandwich shine too!
If you happen to be in the city, check The King+Bann out!


This day in my Jamaican vacation just might be my favourite! An all day catamaran excursion was offered and I grabbed the opportunity to be able to do some snorkelling, sun bathing and island cruising. By noon, the catamaran stopped by the Half Moon Beach where a delicious lobster lunch was awaiting us. Before heading back to the resort, the excursion ended with a short nature walk around the island. Overall, this was such a tiring yet fun filled day! 


So first off, let me just say that I don't know much about bicycles. I did buy a new one over the summer since I wanted to be more mobile around the neighbourhood. A couple of weeks ago, I accidentally stumbled upon The Wrench on instagram. They had an upcoming Bike Art Opening and I decided to check it out. I wasn't expecting anything but when I got there, I was in awe of the art pieces that a local artist, Dimitry Melman, made out of reclaimed bicycle parts. Aside from the art exhibit, they also had bicycles for sale and for bidding. It was so cool to see their entire space for the first time. They had all sorts of bike parts, tools and even workspaces. If you're a bicycle owner, you can drop by and fix your ride in the shop or you can even volunteer to fix other people's bikes. It's quite awesome to know that there's this kind of community here in the city. 
For more info, visit their site TheWrench.ca


Rick's Cafe always came up as one thing not to miss in a Negril vacation. Although there was a whole commercialized vibe to it, I thought it was a thing I'd want to experience once. The entire place was a feast to the senses. As soon as you walk in, you'll hear and see a gathering of people while they watch these crazy men jumping off a cliff (70 feet high). I wasn't as brave to volunteer myself, but basically the jump off was open to anyone. Instead, I just decided to grab a seat by the bar and get some chicken jerk kebabs, local favourite: Red Stripe beer and a strawberry margarita. All of that, while I was watching some dolphins swim by and waiting for the beautiful sunset.


Another addition to the growing selection of local bakeries here in the city, The Store Next Door comes from the same couple behind the Chew Restaurant. As the name suggests, this new bakery is just located beside the well praised restaurant on the intersetion of Waterloo & Corydon. After being able to dine in Chew last September, I made sure to check out The Store Next Door, especially since I'm all about coffee, pastries and everything cozy. They sell a variety of house made products including bread, cookies, vegan pastries and prepared food/meals. They also carry local jams & honey and specialty vinegars & oil. They even have the truffle oil they use to make their truffle fries (completely raved about by my friends and I). The space is nicely laid out with rustic decor and a communal table for you to share a coffee and conversation with other people. There was such a sense of community amongst the baker, servers and customers; I loved that! Open 7 days a week, The Store Next Door is definitely a great new spot!

edited: follow The Store Next Door on their (new)Instagram account