used a scarf from Choies to take me from the cold weather of Canada to the humidity of Negril

I'm finally able to organize my vacation photos and I can't wait to share it with you. On the first day, it was pretty much spent travelling to Negril, arriving at the Sunset at the Palms resort, settling down in a tree top style villa, grabbing dinner at the buffet and retiring early that night. Still being exhausted from the half day travel, it was such a relief to see this beautiful room. Come night time, cicadas rule the entire resort and personally, they made me sleep better during my entire stay. 


The city has been blessed with wonderful weather and I can't help but think about what autumn is all about for me. Coffee & baked pastries, holiday decor and varying shades of brown, yellow & orange indicate that the cold weather is here and it's time to layer layer layer. Wonderful folks from Choies sent me this chunky knit cardigan (along with a scarf that I'll debut in the future) and it's another thing you can't not have this season. If you're interested in more affordable fall fashion, be sure to check out Choies online here.


Remember this pop up restaurant post from The King + Bannatyne Sandwich Shop? Well, they were at it again over the weekend and I made sure not to miss it. This time, they served some porchetta sandwich with spice roasted pineapple and jalapeƱo coleslaw. A newly opened dive bar called Handsome Daughter hosted this event and it was perfect since the main mural inside was done by a local visual artist named Dany Reede. Similar to previous King+Bann pop ups, they invited another local artist to give away some hand screened prints and showcase more of his work. Art and Food LOVE!

In case you aren't following me on instagram, I just recently got back from a tropical vacation last week. Please bear with me as I share an older ootd I have in my drafts folder. I'm still in the process of organizing my pictures so that I can share some travel diary posts here soon.


oakhorn shop

A few weeks ago, I was able to drop by Flash Boutique (corner of Graham & Vaughan). This 3-month pop up shop showcases local artisans with their homemade and vintage items for sale. The shop has everything from handmade knits, framed paintings/photos/prints, potted succulents, skincare items, vintage pieces and accessory trinkets. So if you're into etsy, diy and all things crafty, be sure to check out their location downtown before the end of 2014.


After blogging about local cafes 12, 3, 4, 5 here, it was only a matter of time that I share with you my simple joy that is Parlour Coffee. Situated in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, Parlour gives me the best reason to catch my bus early so that I can spend time in their space before heading to work. And here's a shameless admission; I love going here to grab a latte, stuff myself with infamous Oh Doughnuts and people watch by the window. Seriously, best spot downtown.