For my 400th post, I'd like to share some snippets of how summer has been going for me. Most of this came from this season's blog posts and adventures, so I hope you enjoy this little video I made. 
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With the new role I have at work and the ongoing wedding preparations, it's been such a busy summer for me. I wanted to write this post to say that I'm taking a bit of a break in the blog to focus on those things. I will definitely be back here after that hecticness, but for now, you can follow me on my Instagram (as I'll remain active there!). I hope everyone has a great summer. 
See you later, lovelies!


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In today's post, I'm featuring a Winnipeg classic, VJ's Drive Inn. Everyone who has lived in my city can attest to how iconic this drive inn, located along Broadway and Main, is. We've all had those days when we're just craving for something salty greasy delicious and VJ's does not fail to deliver that. It was my first time trying their burgers and it was so cool to see how most customers were really parking in the lot and eating their food inside their vehicles, like a true drive inn. It's such an experience to eat a VJ's burger when in Winnipeg so I highly recommend it! 


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Let me preface by saying that the ootd pictures and brunch spread didn't happen in one day. My friends and I were supposed to have an outdoor picnic at the park a few days ago; But, the rain got the best of us and we ended up setting this indoors. I think we were still able to pull it off, yes?
For those interested, here's a list of what we served:
- Baguette and Fruit salad from our local grocery -
- Quiche & Bacon-wrapped Asparagus made by Erika
- Beet chips & Grape Meringue from Chew/The Store Next Door -
- Maple & Sour Cherry tarts and Eclairs from La Belle Baguette
- Cantaloupe & Milk juice made by yours truly - 

After the hearty brunch, we ended up cozying in front of the television and finishing the entire season of Stranger Things on Netflix. Tell me you've seen it too! I'm totally hooked!