Keep this short and quick: For this post, I'm just wearing a basic white top & denim combo with a hint of leopard. In terms of a new spot, I finally got to try Carbone (coal fired pizza). I thought February was such a hectic month for me blogging-wise. There were so many things to attend, try out and discover! Not that I'm complaining, but I thought it would be a breather to just have a simpler post to start the month of March. How's everyone doing so far?


I'm giving up coffee for Lent, so far so good. I actually got a cream Earl Grey Latte here.
Italian sodas and gelato. Home made pastries. Gourmet coffee & Specialty Teas.
When Jasmine contacted me for a collaboration, I couldn't refuse. You see, I've known Jasmine for quite some time in the blogosphere. She took a bit of a break and came back with her new blog, Be The Plebeian, which features her daily California adventures accompanied by her outstanding writing and photography skills. Similarly, I took a break from blogging and when I came back I learned to focus my blog topics on local community spots and events. I feel like both of our blogging tastes have matured from the days when we would merely showcase daily ootds. 

If there was one thing both Jasmine and I developed with our respective blogs, I think that's our love for local cafes. We have decided to simultaneously feature a new local cafe for this post. I went to Folio Cafe over the weekend not only to check it out but also to accomplish some writing work. Situated within the Canadian Mennonite University Marpeck Commons, Folio's menu consists of hot beverages, home made pastries, gelato and even a soup & panini feature of the day. This cafe caters to the student crowd, which was quite apt for what I needed to do that day. With its spacious interiors and numerous seating, it's perfect for study groups and meetings; and at the same time a great spot if you want to try something new in the city.

Now head on over to Jasmine's blog to see her feature on Daily Dose Cafe.


Believe it or not, I'm still in my winter city here in Canada. Where am I, you ask? Let me present to you the Assiniboine Park Conservatory. It's sort of a hidden gem that holds a year round lush green paradise. It's quite a small space to hold so many types of plants, trees & bushes; However, there is just something rejuvenating in seeing nature this "alive" in the dead of winter. This conservatory in particular is free to the public & open daily from 9am to 4pm this winter. I'm pretty sure your own city will have something similar (perhaps a greenhouse?) and I highly encourage you to visit!