One of the newest gems in the city is the recently opened breakfast and lunch spot, Clementine. From the same owners of my favourite local restaurant (Segovia), Clementine shares the same concept of serving small-plate dishes for their brunch menu. The restaurant is located in the Exchange District and they have done a great job making the ambiance inside very inviting amidst being positioned in the basement of a building. Interior wise, I couldn't help but gush over the entrance mural, the open kitchen concept and the communal dining tables. The food? I have to be honest and say that my expectations were high since I clearly love their 'sister' restaurant Segovia. Clementine certainly does not disappoint by one bit. The boy and I had their Belgian waffles, Turkish eggs and Chicken & Toast; And all three are as good (if not better) as how they look in the pictures above. The best part for me is that they are open 7 days a week and as early as 7am on weekdays -- something downtown needs. I'm currently dreaming of tasting more dishes from their menu so obviously I can't wait to go back to Clementine!


If you've been reading my blog since last year or if you've been following me on Instagram lately, it will not come as a surprise that I'm doing a post on Oh Doughnuts, the newest donut shop in the city. Well, 'newest' should be taken lightly. Oh Doughnuts has already made a name for itself a couple of years back. When owner Amanda Kinden started in 2014, she was the go-to for gourmet donuts, delivering and selling them across the hippest cafes in the city. After some time, she decided to stop making them for these locations to focus on finding her own space and building her own doughnut business. And now the time has finally arrived! Oh Doughnuts has officially opened its doors last week  and I couldn't be happier! I headed there bright and early last week to check out all the deliciousness and it definitely did not disappoint.

Tip #1: Go between 8am to 10am for a complete selection of flavours. If you come too early, some flavours might not be out yet; come past 10am, some flavours may be sold out already.
Tip #2: Flavours vary everyday and they are all in their display case. There are between 10-12 flavours to choose from on a daily basis. There are glazed, filled, vegan and cake varieties. Instagram is your best bet in finding out their flavours for the day.
Tip #3: There will always be Vegan options. However, Gluten-free ones are still in the works. Crohnuts are sporadically made as they take more work than a regular donut. And as I type this, I haven't seen them have the 'Little Oh's'.
Tip #4: Currently not taking bulk orders, holds or deliveries YET. But I personally see that won't last long as she used to do it a couple of years ago.
Tip #5: There is some seating space inside and outside the shop. They take cash, debit & credit.
Tip #6: For now, their current hours depend on when they sell out. Monday to Friday they open 7am; Saturday they open 8am. Also, they're open on June 5, Sunday for Pride Day!
Tip #7: Amanda is AMAZING! Smile and say hello when you chance upon her taking out doughnuts to the front of the shop.   


Excuse the fact that for the next couple of posts, my ootds might either be haphazardly taken or be lacking detail shots. I'm making it up by featuring a number of new and exciting dining spots since the city has been on a roll with restaurant openings. First off is Máquè, an addition to Chef Scott Bagshaw's  amazing restaurant line up in the city (see Enoteca & Deseo). Opened since the beginning of 2016, this restaurant delivers a modern take on Asian cuisine. Call it fusion if you will but when dining here, expect to see noodles, rice, steamed buns and seafood served with a contemporary twist without sacrificing flavour. The ambiance is more casual in comparison to the other two restaurants mentioned earlier and portions are bigger (for tapas style dining) which makes it ideal for bigger groups. The boy and I totally recommend this spot. Máquè is located at 909 Dorchester Ave and reservations can be done by calling 204-284-3385.