for a contemporary meal out, i tried this relatively new place called Fitzroy.
the concept of their menu is how a tapas place would be: small plates meant for sharing.
unlike traditional tapas, their ingredients stray away from the spanish mediterranean influence.

dishes are more of fusion inspired, locally sourced and made only as ordered.
 -smoked goldeye, scrambled eggs, caviar, fried bread-
-cheese burger, melted onions, crackling, soft buns-
-blistered carrots, blue cheese, honey, pumpkin seed crumble-


here are some snaps from this month on my instagram
i try and post other things aside from fashion in there so if you're interested, 


the rainy weekend didn't stop me from going out and about.
it actually has given me the perfect excuse to grab the infamous cafe mocha of Cafe Postal.
also was able to catch the Prairie Regional Barista Championship held in the city this year.



i have officially found the cutest li'l restaurant in the city! dwarf no cachette cafe & gift, located along provencher boulevard, is a quaint dining place offering japanese cuisine far more than just sushi & sashimi. they have ramen & yakisoba, hot & cold udon noodles, japanese curry, takoyaki, okonomiyaki and kakigori (shaved ice dessert). aside from the yummy food, everything is just too adorable: handmade menus, japanese magazines available to read, second floor gift store (not pictured) selling asian trinkets. i wanna go back right away, hahaha!


just a quick post to share this great restaurant i finally got a chance to dine in over the weekend. i've been on the look out for wood fired oven pizza in the city. aside from the food truck, the red ember, i've heard bonfire bistro is the place to go. the place didn't disappoint one bit. there's something about thin crust wood fired oven pizza that makes the toppings really more flavourful. with the caprese salad and that red sangria, this was such a perfect summer meal. 
for more, visit their website here.