first time going to the St Norbert Farmer's Market with a dear friend
amazing finds from local produce, variety of plants, hand made soaps & home made goodies
aaahh, now i wanna go back every weekend!


met up with a high school classmate over lunch in St Boniface
had a lovely meal at this french place, Promenade Cafe & Wine
walked around the area and discovered the St Boniface Cathedral


im all about patio dinners this summer
went to an argentinian pizzeria place called Corrientes
aside from the pizza, their empanadas are a must try!


I had a wonderful chance of visiting Pineridge Hollow for the second time. My first was 7 years ago with a friend for a company dinner during the fall season. After all those years, the place still remains very pristine and captivating. This time around, it's summer and the greeneries are so much more present. The place itself is now not just a restaurant; they have a greenhouse, a farmer's market and their own lifestyle store (think Anthropologie). Even if you're not from here, I think you need to check out their website for more amazing inspiration!


i had a chance to drop by this Asian Fusion dining place called Green Ninja
they serve short order dishes and yummy baked goods
i tried their green tea cupcake and i definitely want to go back to try more!