For an easy morning, I decided to take my family to a local favourite diner, Osborne Village Cafe. It's what you expect of any traditional diner: friendly ambiance, attentive service, affordable price point and of course, delicious comfort food made from fresh local ingredients. Get here early on the weekends to avoid the wait in line. But to be honest, I don't mind that so much since
Osborne Village Cafe is definitely worth the wait!


I've always perused through Anna's website before, thinking of a reason and time to try out their cooking classes. When one of my girlfriends got engaged, I immediately thought this would be the perfect opportunity to sign up for one of their private cooking sessions and see their studio. Founded by Mari Loewen, Anna is a local magazine and private event studio specializing on providing home/kitchen inspiration, hosting private events and offering specialized cooking classes.

My girlfriends and I attended a pasta making session. As soon as you step inside the studio, we were greeted by Mari who was so lovely to allow me to take shots of the beautiful space. To start, Mari prepared a cheese board and offered wine, while she explained the menu for the night to the class. We ended up making a chorizo potato and corn chowder and fettuccine carbonara; both of which were so delicious and easy to make! At the end of the night, we were handed a copy of the Anna Magazine that had the recipes of the dishes we made. The cooking class was a wonderful way to learn a thing or two about cooking (something I definitely need a hand on, hahaha!) and also a great time to hang out & meet new people. Classes are normally scheduled on a monthly basis featuring various dishes. If you live in Winnipeg and interested to try something new, go to the Anna site and check out their latest cooking classes for the month of April. 


New Food Spot! I've been hearing/reading about Nick's on Broadway as the latest breakfast & lunch spot in the city so I decided to make my way there one day to give them a try. Owned by Nick and Ana, Nick's on Broadway specializes on comforting sandwiches accompanied by their house made soup, salads and desserts. Their sandwiches seem to be very distinct from one another, making that the very reason why multiple trips to this place are a must. For my initial visit, I decided to get a little bit of everything: Mozza' Bacon Panini, Parsnip-Apple-Coconut Milk soup and some S'mores popcorn. Everything turned out delicious and I highly recommend Nick's on Broadway!