- a short post, an ootd and a life update -

The mural here is by the talented people of Synonym Art Consultation which is a local arts initiative bringing together talented artists of Winnipeg to collaborate and design public spaces. 

Here's a more recent ootd from this season wearing a Uniqlo top, Only faux fur vest, Hollister jeans, Lifestride boots and Givenchy bag.

Since getting married, life has had its way of making me even busier. Work has been hectic with the year-end deadlines. Moving to a new place required some adjusting in terms of doing chores and establishing routines. And we all know with the holidays just around the corner, things are going to get a little bit crazier. 2016 has been packed! Needless to say, I have been juggling a couple of things and trying my best to keep organized that the blogging has taken a step back. However, good news is I'm travelling to Toronto in January and I'm taking suggestions on what to do, see and eat. Comment below if you've been to Toronto or currently live there.


As the temperature drops and the snow falls, I'm left with memories of warmer weather with this whimsical look I had back in August. But cue Callia Flowers to bring back those summer vibes from this floral bouquet I received last week. It came as a surprise when a huge box was delivered to me at work as I didn't know what kind of flowers are going to be in it. When I had the chance to open it at home, I was delighted with the wonderful packaging and care instructions included inside. I received the Bright Beauty bouquet filled with orange roses and pink stock flowers and one week in, I can still smell them in my place. As much as I love other local florists here in the city, I think the experience of receiving Callia flowers provides something special for both the sender and receiver. If you're local (Winnipeg) and would want to brighten someone's day, I definitely recommend ordering a bouquet from Callia Flowers!


Tony Chestnut jacket, Only t-shirt, Zara pants, Karen Walker sunglasses, Sammydress flats
I've been meaning to check out the Cocoabeans Bakeshop last year when I heard about their Tache location, but now that they have a new space along Corydon (and relatively nearby my place), there was no reason to miss it. Cocoabeans is popularly known to be one of fewer places in the city that offer a wide array of gluten free goods. From brunch entrees to fresh pastries to go, this place not only delivers healthy options but also tasty delicious food. Their bakery is still located at 268 Tache Avenue while the new Cocoabeans cafe and diner is along 774 Corydon Avenue.