Thanks to Arianne for taking these ootds and accompanying me at the event! 
Last Saturday, I was fortunate to be a part of Table for 1201, a cool dining and architectural event in the city. Table for 1201 is one of the longest public dining experience in the world. There is also a table design competition incorporated within the event. Let me break it down for you. There are 1201 diners grouped to 8 per table; each of them has a captain responsible for table design; everyone wears white; the dining location is only revealed a couple of hours before the event; the food is prepared by renowned Winnipeg chefs Mandel Hitzer & Ben Kramer; wine & beer is quite abundant and basically, everyone has a wonderful time! This year, Table for 1201 was held at the Legislative grounds, encircling the fountain in the south side of the building. I was seated at Table 21 and the table captain was Caleb McGinn and Eric Arnason, who designed a wooden wine dispenser in the shape of the historical Red River. Kudos to them for winning second place! After the delicious dinner, the Winnipeg Art Gallery also hosted an after party for the sea of white-frocked guests. If you get the opportunity to attend Table for 1201 next year, take it! It's seriously one of the most epic experience ever!



It was a whirlwind of a weekend as one of my closest friends, Arianne, got married last Saturday. After months of planning, the day finally arrived for the lovely couple. I was taking in the hosting duties for the lunch reception that day so pardon my pictures for being so haphazardly taken. We were blessed with amazing weather that morning for the garden ceremony and Pineridge Hollow was the perfect setting for this intimate rustic-themed wedding.

On a more personal note, this marks another milestone in my 10-year friendship with these ladies. From finishing masters, engagements, marriage and pregnancies, all of us are in various stages of our lives and yet we still manage to keep in touch. Here's to friendship, love and happiness!


On a sunny Friday morning, I woke myself early to head to Beet Happening, one of the newer breakfast/lunch spot in the city. Owned by Justin Ludwar, Beet Happening specializes in artisan baked goods, grab & go snacks and gluten free pastries. The space couldn't be more spectacular as you can see in the photos above. I have yet to try their lunch offerings but after grabbing a couple of their  breakfast rolls, I got the impression that they are all about unpretentious comfort food. No wonder Beet Happening is one of the most buzzed spots in Winnipeg right now.