The lovely people from Pandora (Polo Park Mall) invited me again a couple of weeks ago to check out their newest summer pieces in store. From floral charms, colourful gems and leather bracelets, Pandora's summer line promises to bring style and vibrance to your looks. I couldn't help but pick out one of their leather bracelets and actually use it as a choker, since those are so trendy nowadays. The leather bracelets are great alternatives to their sterling silver ropes for a more casual look during lazy summer days. To see more of their summer collection, head to your nearest local store or check out their website here. Thanks again, Pandora


I've been meaning to post these ootds since last month but I was looking for the perfect way to do so. When I heard of Made by Josephine selling clothing goods at the Ladyled Spring Bazaar, I thought it was the perfect time to catch up with owner & seamstress, Steph, and talk about everything denim bows, breezy fabrics and darling dresses. I stumbled upon her clothing business when I saw a local wedding photographer feature one of her handmade bridal gowns. After much snooping around, I discovered her line, Made by Josephine. It was predominantly a local business for made-to-order pieces but this year, she has started to create a wonderful range of tunics, dresses and hair accessories. I can attest to the quality, comfort and style of these handmade dresses. I'm totally living in them this summer!   If you want to get your hands on these pieces, you can check out Made by Josephine on etsy or on Instagram for Winnipeg pop up markets.  


some pictures ℅ Erika (thanks MOH!)
The amount of pictures in this post basically sums up how this night went down. Last week, I had the chance to attend the Norwest Co-op Art of Good Food Fundraiser, held at the beautiful Qualico Centre in Assiniboine Park. It gathered the city's best chefs and selected artists to a night of food tastings and live art auctions. With my love for everything local, you know I couldn't pass this one up. I could go on telling you how much I loved everything I ate, but I think it's also great to know that the event was all for a good cause. Norwest Co-op is a non-profit organization that offers health and wellness programs to the Winnipeg community. For more information on what they do and even on how to volunteer, you can check their website here