In today's post, I'm sharing a number of pictures from things I did over the week including a Travel Manitoba tour of Fort Whyte Alive, shore fishing outside the city and attending Made with Love, a mixology competition featuring local bartenders.
- Travel Manitoba hosted their first Instameet at Fort Whyte Alive which included making bannock & rosehip tea before being led to a guided tour of the bison trails. -
- Tagging along my dad, brother and husband, we went shore fishing in Lockport, Selkirk and Gimli (all fishing spots outside of my city) but sadly went home with only one caught fish. -
- I got invited to attend Made with Love, which is an international culinary event highlighting cocktail mixers and bartenders. The overall vibe of this event was AMAZING and I must say one of the best I've attended in the city. I want to let my vlog speak for itself (took tons of video clips than photos) so make sure you watch until the end -