eversince i started working in an office setting, i've started to get concerns on my eyesight. i mean, you get it a lot especially if you end up staring at the computer 8 hours a day. personally, it has never occurred to me to get contacts just because i'm afraid of forgetting it or losing it somewhere. i was always a glasses kind of girl.
suzy shier blazer, tna sweatshirt, random leggings, daniel footwear boots
when Firmoo contacted me to try a pair of their glasses, i was a bit hesitant at first since glasses tend to be expensive especially when you're getting it online and you're from canada (customs, duties, taxes). i was quite surprised when i saw the items they had in their site. most of them are not only affordable but stylish as well. i love that there's no sacrifice with the quality amidst the low price. to those curious, shipping to canada took less than 2 weeks. it came securely in a bubble wrap package and the glasses came with a travel case, pouch and extra screws.
the pair that i chose can be found here. i chose something simple with a medium sized frame so i can decently use it at work. what do you think?
for those of you interested, Firmoo has this new customer program wherein you can try one of their glasses for free. too good to be true? well, the only catch is you only have to pay for shipping (which i don't think is bad at all). did i mention that they ship worldwide? you can go here if you want to get your first pair for free!


  1. those glasses are amazing!! glasses in general are great but I am biased because I am blessed with bad eyes. ordering online looked like it really worked out for you:)

  2. You look so pretty in these glasses:-) Great blog and photos!
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  3. U look pretty!
    and the style is great :)
    looves the stripes and black combination hehehe

    Hello from Indonesia,

  4. Hey (: Thanks for commenting on my blog <3 :*
    I like your blog, nice outfits!! :D
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  5. these are great frames! (i almost wrote flames...) haha

  6. Cute look hun! :) Love the striped jumper, and those glasses. :)


  7. those glasses look really cute on you :)

  8. fantastic choice of glasses- you look fantastic. and your hair looks amazing in that top knot!
    thank you for the lovely comment on my blog

  9. How cute are you? I so need a pair of cute glasses - and I love yours!

    Pearls & Paws

  10. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!:)

    Cute outfit! I`m now following you!

    X Camilla

  11. Whoa, that'a a lot of snow! Love the glasses, they look adorable on you.




  12. Your glasses are so cool, I love them! What a chic, professional outfit as well! I wear contacts sometimes too, and for me, if I wear them way too long then I started to get headaches, so I prefer glasses way more too :)

  13. Hi doll, thanks for your kind comment and taking the time to visit :) The snow looks so beautiful, love your chic and sophisticated outfit, the glasses really suit you well!

  14. You look great!! The glasses suit your face perfectly!!;)