We had a long weekend here in Winnipeg for Canada Day and so I was able to spend time outdoors, biking around city-wide festivities. First stop of the day was fuelling up with coffee and croissants at Thom Bargen Sherbrook. Afterwards, my husband and I biked our way to the infamous Portage and Main intersection downtown where a living Maple Leaf was formed on the ground by thousands of volunteers. We also made our way to the St Boniface neighbourhood to check out some new street murals. The rest of our day was spent around the Forks checking out all the activities and concerts, with special mentions to Synonym Art Consultation's preview of their Wall to Wall (mural) event series, free postcard-making by Letter Peddler Press and From Here and Away's 'Where is Home for you?' photo map idea. Ended the night with an outdoor concert at the main stage and of course, the fireworks display for Canada Day!


  1. Your weekend was amazing!


  2. Such a lovely post,
    your Weekend seemed amazing :D

    with love your Amely Rose

  3. Busy and great day to ponder!


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